JE DESIGN Volkswagen Golf GTI-R


Up to now, whoever wanted to get behind the wheel of a 270-hp VW Golf had to invest more than 36,000 Euro in a Golf R . But now JE DESIGN provides the same performance for the Golf GTI. What’s more, the aerodynamics package and the light alloy wheels take care of the individual look, and the new rear silencer provides the sporty sound.

JE DESIGN boosts the Golf VI GTI’s performance by more than a quarter. Instead of 210 hp (155 kW), the 2.0-litre turbo motor now produces a full 270 hp (199 kW). The maximum torque rockets from 280 (206 lb/ft)  to 370 ( 273 lb/ft)  Newton metres, and now the Wolfsburg car reaches a top speed of 257 km/h (160 mph), up from its previous 240 km/h (149 mph). From a standing start the JE DESIGN Golf saves half a second and makes it to the 100 km/h (62 mph) mark in only 6.4 seconds. JE DESIGN offers optimisation of the engine control system in their own workshop in Leingarten, Germany or collects the dismantled engine control unit by courier and returns it on the following day.

The GTI by JE DESIGN with the self-confident aerodynamics package demonstrates the new performance capability. The new front spoiler has the central, carbon-look spoiler sword. The side skirts and the rear skirt insert in carbon-look also underline the sporty look. On the left and right sides, the trapezoid, stainless steel sports endpipes provide the relevant resonance.

Thanks to the lowering springs, the Golf sits 35 millimetre closer to the tarmac. Consequently the 8×19-inch, matt black, light alloy wheels Multispoke with the matt silver edge trim look particularly sporty.

As is normal with JE DESIGN, all components come with a TÜV Certificate so that the modifications can be registered in the vehicle’s documents without further ado.

Source: JE DESIGN (press release/media site)