Students build racing car with support from Volvo Cars


Between 15-18 July Chalmers Formula Student competes with their own built racing car at Silverstone Circuit in United Kingdom. This is a result from a student project and a course at Chalmers University of Technology, where Volvo Cars is a partner.

“We contribute with knowledge and support, both from Volvo Cars and from Polestar,” says Derek Crabb, head of Powertrain and motorsport director at Volvo Cars.

The project team consists of 25 students, who are to build a single-seated racing car – they start from scratch, develop its own concept and later manufactured the car by themselves. But it is not only about building the car. The students are also responsible for management, marketing and purchasing. And everything should be run as a ‘real-life’ project with deadlines and cost estimation.

Volvo Cars supports the project with guidance in both technical and commercial areas. Polestar teaches them how a racing team works, both in theory and in practice. The project team also reports its progress to Derek Crabb.

“I think it’s a great program and a fantastic opportunity for a positive interchange between students and Volvo. Also a good base for picking up future talents”, says Derek Crabb.

To put the car to the test, the project is completed with a competition, Formula Student at Silverstone where the team compete against teams from all over the globe.

Source: Volvo (press release/media site)