RDX RACEDESIGN Volkswagen Scirocco


RDX RACEDESIGN makes the sports car for every man even livelier. The complete bodykit improves the dynamic look of the Volkswagen Scirocco (type 13) and converts the decorous VW into a self-confident individualist with a liking for bends.

Straight away the forbidding face of the transformed Scirocco reveals that this is no mere mass-produced car out for a Sunday run. The new headlight covers by RDX RACEDESIGN make the Wolfsburg car look resolutely forwards. The covers are fixed to the headlights with the special glue included and do not need to be inspected by the Technical Control Board TÜV.

It is the RDX front spoiler which is chiefly responsible for the bodykit’s dynamic optical effect. It enhances not only the sporty appearance, but in fact also improves the coupe’s aerodynamics. For an additional fee a TÜV component certificate is included in delivery so that the spoiler can be registered in the vehicle’s documents without further ado.

The side skirts give the impression that the bodywork has been widened, because visually the Scirocco sits lower and squatter on the road. The curved contours and the rear grille inserts underline the wedge look and therefore contribute to the dynamic transformation.

The diffuser hinted at in the rear bumper extension completes the aerodynamics package. The fine-meshed grating surrounds the exhausts and takes care of the sporty rear view. The rear bumper extension likewise requires no technical registration.

The roof spoiler which elongates the roof line far to the rear leaves no room for doubt about the new sporty character of the RDX Scirocco. All this combines to turn the reserved Volkswagen into a self-confident individualist. The corresponding TÜV component certificate is of course included in the package.

All components of the new bodykit fit all VW Scirocco models. RDX RACEDESIGN manufactures each part in OEM quality exclusively from PU-ABS thermoplastic. This allows the manufacturer to ensure not only low weight, but also to benefit from the stability and the elasticity of the material. Proof of the high quality, both of the material and the manufacturing, is the two-year warranty which RDX RACEDESIGN gives on all products.

Source: RDX RACEDESIGN (press release/media site)