Edo competition DBS, a luxury sports car


The 12-cylinder flagship from Aston Martin already produces 517 horsepower and boasts a top speed of more than 300 km/h (186 mph). Improving on those numbers while underlining the elegance and beautiful design of this British knockout and strengthening its sporting credentials was the goal declared by edo competition.

The power output was tackled first. It was agreed that 517 hp and 570 Nm (420 ft-lb) are not quite enough. The engine control unit was modified via software recalibration. Thanks to a new high performance exhaust system, special catalytic converters and high flow air filters, power output was increased to an impressive 550 hp and 600 Nm (442 ft-lb). This is enough power to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.1 seconds and continue on to a top speed of 320 km/h (199 mph). As a matter of principle all modifications performed by edo competition are calibrated and verified on a dynamometer. This way the true power output can be documented.

The high performance exhaust system, which was specially designed for the DBS, incorporates butterfly valves allowing it to produce a fantastically rich and sonorous sound. They further help increase the British luxury coupe’s power and torque output. The exhaust comes with a programmable control system that monitors backpressure inside the exhaust and opens the 70 mm butterfly valves when a pre-determined level of backpressure is exceeded. The unique advantage of this system is that it provides good torque at low engine speeds without sacrificing top end horsepower. The exhaust system is made from stainless steel and the chromed exhaust tips accentuate the elegant design. The driver can adjust the sound of the DBS at any time using a remote control.

The edo competition sports suspension system for the DBS ensures exceptional ride comfort and superior driving dynamics. Thanks to its adjustability in height, compression and rebound damping, the setup can be matched to the customer’s driving style. The new suspension provides more cornering grip while improving high speed stability and comfort.

The interior design of the DBS can be spiced up with the available carbon fiber shifter and shifter console, or the customer can opt for a custom interior in any color or material he desires, including handmade leather interiors.

To provide superior levels of grip, edo competition offers exclusive wheel/tire combinations. Featuring a new wheel design, the DBS is equipped with a set of 21 in. racing wheels. The three-piece wheels come with stainless steel outer rims and the customer can choose the stock tire dimensions or go with a set of Continental tires in the following dimensions: 255/ 30 ZR 21 (front), 295/ 25 ZR 21 (rear)

Performance and safety are a priority, which is why edo competition has developed a new high performance brake system. Front: 405 mm rotors with 6-piston monoblock calipers and performance brake pads. Rear: 380 mm rotors with 6-piston monoblock calipers and performance brake pads, including braided stainless steel brake lines.

As with all edo competition models, we set no limit to our customers’ imaginations. Special interiors or lavish leather upholstery, individual requests are accommodated and executed with quality.

Source: edo competition (press release/media site)