Audi R8 Carbon Limited Edition by Prior Design


There are vehicles that only true designers dare to approach, such as the R8, the incarnation of a real sports car from Audi. Equipped with either a V8 or V10 motor, the R8 is a real feast for the eyes even fresh from the factory, hovering lowly above the street and equipped with beautiful proportions.

And that is why the designers from Prior Design gladly accepted the challenge and, during a month-long process in which they paid great attention to detail, they developed a tailor-made body kit for the powerful model from Ingolstadt. For the front with the huge cooling openings, there is a discreet spoiler with a middle fin and two additional flat openings. The completely newly manufactured car hood is visibly more powerful due to the power dome and additional carbon inlets. Thanks to a new set of curved side skirts, the lateral silhouette appears distinctly more athletic than the serial version. As a real highlight, the C-pillar is painted in the vehicle’s colour, giving a decidedly more harmonic overall visual appearance. Prior Design developed a new bumper with a revised carbon fibre diffuser for the rear section of the car that ensures better air exhaustion and, thus, higher contact pressure.

What is more, for the elegant cockpit, the tuners from Kamp-Lintfort made additional trim parts from carbon fibre, such as the complete centre console, including the breathtaking control panel and the handbrake handle. Further carbon fibre applications can be found in the engine compartment where red carbon fibre covers provide a colourful contrast. In addition to the aerodynamic modifications, Prior Design also added a dynamic wheel-set, at the front 9.0 x 20’’ 235/30/20 and at the back 11.5 x 20’’ 305/25/20.

The complete aerodynamics package will be produced individually for every customer and every vehicle. Additional customer requirements will also be gladly taken into account.

Source: PRIOR-Design (press release/media site)