SEAT and Shakira start their collaboration with a digital animated TV spot


The first result of the new joint adventure of SEAT and the international pop star Shakira is about to appear for the first time, in the shape of a publicity spot created in digital animation – using cutting edge technology in the automotive industry – with Shakira as the star attraction. The advert, shot last December in Madrid with post-production in London, will be seen on television screens from March onwards. This is the initial step in the SEAT sponsorship of the artist’s European Tour this year.

The spot is a fantastic journey through “SEAT and Shakira’s Wonderland”, an animated, imaginative and magical world where everything that is good in life shines through thanks to light from the car headlamps. The SEAT Ibiza and Leon Good Stuff Edition, together with Shakira, take top billing in the advert.

Viewers will be regaled with Shakira’s voice and rhythm during the spot, together with the Spanish brand’s vehicles. And all this happens in a world created exclusively for the occasion, a world comprising diverse thematic sub-worlds (air, sky, underwater and the deep sea) full of magic, colour, imagination and fantastic characters such as mermaids and giant octopuses.

The song chosen for the advert is Good Stuff, a track from Shakira’s latest album, She Wolf. The song title will be overprinted as a seal on the spot and will also be used throughout the collaboration campaign between SEAT and Shakira, as an identifying mark of their joint actions.

SEAT’s department of Marketing Communication and the Atletico International advertising agency take credit for the development of the creative idea and implementation of the spot, the shooting of which took two whole working days.

The post-production process was carried out by the acclaimed London-based production company Superfad, who took over two months to complete the operation. The shooting team stated admiringly that Shakira “was very enthusiastic about knowing every detail of the production process, and took a very active part in it”.

This is not the first time that SEAT and Shakira have made a journey together. Back in 2007 the car company sponsored the singer’s European ‘Oral Fixation’ tour to promote her ‘Oral Fixation’ album in concert. The tour visited cities such as Oslo, Prague, London, Paris, Stockholm and Berlin to mention just a few; it was also at the cutting edge of a charity campaign which brought in more that 100,000 Euros for the Colombian singer’s Pies Descalzos (‘Barefoot’ in English) Foundation.

Source: SEAT (press release/media site)