Peugeot launches new restyled version of the top selling 207 CC


Europe’s top selling coupé cabriolet, the Peugeot 207 CC, will be even hotter this summer with the introduction of the new, restyled 207 CC. Since its introduction in March 2007, the Peugeot 207 CC has been the coupé cabriolet to be seen in.

Since its introduction in March 2007, over 120,000 have been produced and in the UK over 15,300 have already been sold. With the introduction of the new Peugeot 207 CC, Peugeot has built on all the strengths of the current model and also included a number of exterior and interior styling changes. These changes will give the car an even greater visual appeal as well as improve the comfort levels for the occupants.

The new 207 CC will go on sale in the UK in August and will be available in two trim levels, Sport and GT. It will be competitively priced with the entry level Sport VTi 120 model starting at an on-the-road-price of £16,695.00.

The New 207 CC in Detail

The front of the new 207 CC now has a “softer” one-piece design, with a redesigned front grille. There is also a greater use of body colour coding and the introduction of circular foglights located at the edges of the lower front panel. The location of the foglights visually helps to widen the look of the car at the front and give the car a new personality. The front grille now also benefits from chrome detailing, as do the foglights and surrounds.

At the rear, the car benefits from new hi-tech rear lights incorporating LED technology, something of a rarity in this market segment. The lower rear bumper panel is now painted in body-colour on all GT versions and Sport versions equipped with rear parking sensors, adding a further touch of distinction to the car’s visual identity.

From the side, the new 207 CC has a more distinctive profile enhanced by new style alloy wheels; five spoke 16″ “Canberra” alloy wheels on the Sport version and two-tone eight spoke 17” Melbourne alloy wheels on the GT version.

On Sport versions, the standard black side rubbing strips can be replaced by body coloured rubbing strips with chrome detailing as part of the optional Exclusive Pack.

Colours and Trims

The new 207 CC will be available in a range of eight exterior body colours and four different interior trims, two cloth trims (Xavier black cloth and Salsa grey/black cloth) and two leather options (black and Oran pale grey). An integral leather option will also be available on the GT version, which includes a leather trimmed fascia panel, steering wheel, seats and door panels.

  • Bianca White (GT version only)
  • Flamenco Red
  • Aluminium
  • Hermitage Grey
  • Shark Grey
  • Onyx Black
  • Inari Blue (new colour)

A New Design for the Air Conditioning Controls

A revised and redesigned heating / automatic air conditioning control panel now resides in the centre console. With its more modern design enhanced by new graphics and chrome detailing, it creates a more up-market appearance. In addition to the updated design, the new rotary controls are much more ergonomic and they benefit from an improved action and smoother operation.

New Features

The new 207 CC will also showcase a range of new features. All are designed to assist the driver and, not only enhance their comfort and convenience but also, in some cases, help them to adopt a more environmentally-friendly driving style.

Gear Shift Indicator (GSI)

This new feature is available only on the new 207 CC VTi manual model fitted with the Euro 5 engine. It helps the driver to adopt a more economical driving style by indicating the optimal gear to be selected, thereby ensuring the lowest possible fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The indicator is located in the odometer and consists of a rising vertical arrow indicating the best time to change gear. The driver, however, is responsible for following the system’s indications.

The best gear, or “target gear” is determined according to a number of parameters.

  • Vehicle speed
  • Gear engaged
  • Engine temperature and engine speed
  • Driving style (position of the accelerator pedal determines the sought-after level of performance)

The indicator arrow remains visible until the driver follows the suggested recommendation.

The One-Touch Direction Indicator

First seen on the Peugeot 308, now the new 207 CC also benefits from one-touch direction indicators. This very practical feature, especially for motorway driving, activates the direction indicator for three flashes when the driver presses the indicator stalk, which is often sufficient to indicate a safe lane change. The driver, therefore, does not have to switch the indicators on then off manually, preventing also the risk of forgetting to turn them off again.

One-Touch Closure of the Driver’s Window

Assisting the driver especially at toll booths for example, the one-touch operation of the driver’s window (instead of one-touch opening only) enables the window to be raised and lowered with just one press on the switch. For safety reasons, this function is activated only when the engine is running and if the roof is either open or closed.

A Comprehensive Range of Hi-Tech and Environmentally-Friendly Power-Plants

At launch, the new 207 CC will be available with four different power-plants. Two gearbox options will be available, a four-speed automatic and a five-speed manual.

A Blend of Comfort and Driveability that’s Still the Best!

As a function of its excellent torsional body rigidity, the new 207 CC combines optimal suspension efficiency with a blend of comfort and driveability that will be much appreciated by its owners.

The new 207 CC will provide excellent stability under all circumstances and real driving enjoyment due to: its wide front and rear wheel tracks, the geometry of the pseudo McPherson type front suspension and its rear torsion beam, the calibration of the shock absorbers and the electric power steering.

The level of braking is matched to the performance of the different versions and is combined with ABS, Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBFD) and Emergency Brake Assist (EBA).

ESP is standard on all GT versions and optional on the Sport version. On THP 150 and HDi 110 versions the ESP system also includes SSP (Steering Stability Program – torque is applied to the steering when braking on surfaces with uneven grip on the left and right-hand sides to help maintain stability).

New In-Car Entertainment Systems

A range of new and innovative in-car entertainment systems will also be available in the new 207 CC. The first is the new Peugeot Connect USB with Bluetooth.

This system includes a radio with a MP3 compatible single CD player and full Bluetooth capability. The inclusion of Bluetooth enables a compatible mobile phone to be paired with the car. Once paired, the phone can be operated via the remote controls on the steering column. High quality telephone communications can, therefore, be carried out in complete safety using both the car’s speakers and inbuilt microphone.

The system also includes a USB Box which consists of a connection box located in the centre console with a USB connector and jack socket, all protected by a hinged cover. Once connected, an MP3 player or an iPod can be operated via the radio controls or controls under the steering wheel, with the unit’s screen information shown also on the car’s multi-function display.

The unit is also capable of “streaming” music via the Bluetooth function, making it possible to play recorded music from the memory of a Bluetooth phone or from a Walkman device equipped with a Bluetooth module

Peugeot Connect Navigation (RNEG): this accessible, latest-generation multimedia system is a genuine alternative to a mobile satellite navigation unit. Perfectly integrated into the vehicle’s instrument panel, the WIP NAV system offers simple direct access buttons and shows information on a 7″ 16/9 colour screen complete with a perspective view.

The system includes:

  • European cartography stored on a 4 GB SD card
  • An MP3 and WMA compatible front-loading CD player
  • A three-tuner radio with two aerials for the best possible radio reception and RDS-TMC traffic info (Via Michelin in France and Traffic Master in the United Kingdom)
  • A “detour” function available thanks to the traffic info function, when the system detects a hold-up on the current route
  • A Bluetooth connection allowing hands-free phone calls if a compatible phone is present
  • An RCA connector in the glove box allowing the connection of all types of mobile digital audio devices

Source: Peugeot (press release/media site)