Freshened Mazda Biante on sale in Japan


Mazda Motor Corporation has commenced sales of the freshened Mazda Biante range for the Japanese market. Mazda’s updated, mid-sized tall ‘high-roof’ minivan goes on sale today at all Mazda, Mazda Autozam and Mazda Anfini dealerships throughout Japan. Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (including sales tax) start from 2,131,500 yen for the 2.0-liter versions and 2,699,000 yen for the 2.3-liter versions.

The top-selling front-wheel drive (FWD) 20S model grade now offers fuel economy of 13.6 kilometers per liter*1, a seven percent improvement over the previous model, thanks to the addition of i-stop, Mazda’s proprietary engine stop/start system. With a quick engine restart of just 0.35 seconds, i-stop also suppresses noise and vibration, making the stopping and restarting of the engine barely noticeable and ensuring that drivers experience a natural driving feel.

In addition to i-stop, the FWD 20S model grade also comes with features to support eco-driving: a trip computer with a fuel economy meter and an eco-lamp, which lights up when the vehicle achieves the most efficient driving conditions. With dynamic stability control (DSC) now standard equipment, the freshened FWD Biante 20S provides both advanced environmental and safety performance. Even with these extra features, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is as attractive as the previous version*2. Additionally, all 2.0-liter FWD Biante models qualify for Japan’s eco-car incentive and tax reduction programs to promote sales of lower emission vehicles. Under the tax reduction program, the automobile acquisition tax and automobile weight tax are reduced by 50 percent for the 20CS model grade and 75 percent for the FWD 20S grade.

*1 Measured under the Japanese 10-15 mode fuel economy test standard for light duty vehicles.
*2 Compared to the previous version Biante FWD 20S Limited grade (2,499,000 yen including sales tax).

Main features of the freshened Mazda Biante

  • The ‘i-stop’ engine stop/start system as standard equipment (FWD 20S grade).
  • Trip computer with fuel economy meter and eco lamp as standard equipment (all grades).
  • Dynamic stability control (DSC) as standard equipment (FWD 20S, 23S grades).
  • Luggage hooks that can be attached to the rear seat rail (all grades).
  • Six exterior body colors, including the newly added Radiant Ebony Mica.
  • Ticket holder attached to the driver’s seat sun visor as standard equipment (all grades).

Source: Mazda (press release/media site)