Audi S5 Convertible 3.0 TFSI by Senner Tuning


Once again the summer of the present year was an excessive waiting game. Then: The hottest season of the year finally arrives and when the sun shines from the sky above, nothing can be more beautiful than cruising through its rays with a convertible.

One of the most elegant and sportive convertibles that the vehicle market has to offer at the present moment is no doubt, the Audi S5 Convertible. The company Senner Tuning from Ingelheim that has long specialized in the refinement of the Audi A5 construction series has now set itself the task of reworking the current S5 Convertible once again.

In contrast to the bright car color (glacier white metallic), Senner Tuning has refined the exterior of the car with numerous black elements. In addition to the RS5 radiator grill, the ornamental fog lamp covers and the Audi rings on the front and rear, the rear apron insert and the “super-charged” mud guard emblems in black also stand out in glamor.

Moreover, the adequate Work VS-XX rims measuring 9×20 and 10.5×20 inches with matt black rim stars and anodized external beds are kept rolling in the wheel housings. The high-grade three-piece parts were covered with flat Continental Sport Contact 5P rubbers of the dimensions 255/30R20 and 295/25R20. Thanks to the adjustable rebound and compression damping, the Bilstein B16 coilover kit allows for an individual setup.

In contrast to its TSFI siblings, the 3.0-liter V6 of the current Audi S5 is not subjected to pressure by one or more exhaust gas turbo chargers but rather “forced to breathe” by one mechanically-driven super charger. Senner Tuning boosted the performance of the serial 333 compressor engine that is concealed beneath the two-part carbon cover to a lofty 435 Horse Power, and the maximum torque grew from 440 to the present 501 Nm on a parallel basis. Moreover, a power converter sharpens the characteristic line of the electronic gas pedal and thus generates an even more aggressive throttle response while an elevation of the Vmax limitation guarantees the S5 a free run even beyond 250 km/h. To endow the newfound performance boost with stronger acoustic presence, Senner Tuning installed a 4-pipe sports exhaust system with valve control. It has such a cleverly-devised control system that allows for a regulation of the exhaust sound in its sound intensity and tone quality: it can be switched between travel, sports and race mode while driving using a remote control device. This newly developed system shows the active mode even on the display of the car radio and can – with the necessary upgrade – even output performance data, G-forces and lap times using the in-built GPS module via Bluetooth.

Senner Tuning upgraded the driver’s workplace with RS5 parts. In addition to the speedometer cover in high-gloss black, the pedal pads and the footboard are thus taken from the high rotary speed competitive sports version. Movie films can now also be enjoyed while driving thanks to the activation of the DVD system.

Source: Senner Tuning (press release/media site)