Kicherer SLS 63 Supersport


New Mercedes Benz models have rarely ever drawn as much attention as the new SLS 63 AMG; it has never been criticised by the technical press, specialists, enthusiasts or potential buyers. A perfect symbiosis of elegance, luxury and sportivity, the SLS developed by AMG still offers some interesting development options. For the Kichererspecialists, the SLS 63 AMG was a great tuning object. They are now drawing attention with their own sophisticated accessories.

The complete hand-made Kicherer performance range consistently puts the sportive, dynamic character in the spotlight. The objective of SLS 63 AMG design is achieving a perfect merger of functional quality, craftsmanship and refined design.
If these requirements are met, the vehicles are awarded “Supersport” certificate.

Exclusively for the SLS 63 AMG: Kicherer Electronic-Wings!
Closing the wind doors from the seat is very difficult in super sports cars like the SLS 63 AMG. Kicherer Fahrzeugtechnik now offers a comfortable and very smart solution for this. A patented drive motor between the hinges makes it much easier for the driver or passenger to close the wing door. The wing doors are closed electrically via a button or remote control; this happens purely electrically, without any hydraulics components, either partially or all the way until the doors latch. Twisting around after getting in is now a thing of the past. This unobtrusive, very small modification of the car does not require any holes in the car body. The retrofitting set weighs only 1.9 kg and can be installed in both doors within a single work day, under consideration of all safety-relevant requirements.

Kicherer Lift-Up Threaded Sports Chassis
In cooperation with Kicherer technology partner KW Automotive GmbH, we developed the lift-up system for the SLS 63 AMG. This complete chassis puts an end to obstacles like car parks, garage entries or steps. A vehicle with the Kicherer Lift-Up threaded chassis can be lifted up by up to 30 millimetres by the push of a button if required to easily drive over obstacles. Also note the excellent driving characteristics in fast curves. Driving will be much more sportive and safe – without any loss in comfort.

Kicherer Light Wheel for the SLS 63 AMG
According to the advertisements, the vehicle came from the race track to the street; this is just the path that the Stockach Mercedes-Benz / AMG specialists take with their exclusive forged wheel. Limited and hand-made, the three-part 20/21 inch wheel is available customised for the Mercedes-Benz SLS 63 AMG in the sizes 9.5Jx20 and 11.5Jx21, with Michelin Super Sport tyres in 275/30/20 and 305/25/21. Of course, this sportive, ultra-light racing wheel also is TÜV-approved for road use.

Additional technical individual conversion measures

  • Kicherer performance optimisation to approx. 610 PS/670Nm
  • Kicherer stainless steel sports exhaust system with backpressure flap control
  • Kicherer front spoiler lip carbon
  • Kicherer rear diffuser fins carbon
  • Kicherer interior decorative parts carbon

Source: Kicherer Fahrzeugtechnik (press release/media site)