Infiniti G Line: perfectly tailored


Comprising saloon, coupé and convertible body styles, rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel drive and features such as 4-Wheel Active Steer, Infiniti’s G models already deliver more choice than most in the luxury performance market.

With the 2011 Model Year range now available in Europe, Infiniti G models are honed to give the customer a better clarity of choice, thanks to a simplified range with few options but generous standard equipment. Every model in the all-V6 line-up is now equipped as standard with a 7-speed adaptive automatic transmission with steering wheel paddle-shift for precise manual control when the need, or mood, arises.

Complementing the more tailored range are new alloy wheel designs for the Coupé and Convertible, a standard rear spoiler on Coupé S versions, and new body colours for all – including the popular Malbec Black first seen on the M saloon.

There are four versions in the new G Saloon range, two of them rear-wheel drive and two GT models with the extra capability of all-wheel drive, courtesy of Infiniti’s intelligent torque split system. As before, the sportiest G, the S Premium, gets standard 4-Wheel Active Steer, among other driver-focused features. Two of the three dynamic Coupé models available also come with 4-Wheel Active Steer while the G37 Convertible, with its electrically retractable hard-top, majors on elegance and technology.

The four models for 2011 comprise:

Now with standard 7-speed automatic transmission with paddle-shift, the entry model to Infiniti’s European line-up is a spacious and luxurious four-door saloon with a seriously sporting side. Its tuneful V6 delivers 0-62mph in just 5.9 seconds while cornering poise is assured thanks to resolved rear-drive handling and near-perfect weight distribution. And with features such as bi-Xenon adaptive cornering lights, power front seats and 18-inch alloy wheels as standard, the exclusive G sets the pace for equipment.

Infiniti’s seductive Malbec Black paint finish is now available on all 2011 G models. The colour first appeared on the M saloon in 2010 and quickly became a hit with buyers.

G37x GT,
The entry GT model, with its leather trim and heated seats among other features, not only ramps up the luxury but also the all-seasons capability with standard all-wheel drive. One of the most popular of G models across Europe, the Gx uses the intelligent torque split ATTESA E-TS system, also fitted to the EX and FX crossovers. It retains rear-drive handling feel while adding four-wheel drive traction with up to 50% of torque going to the front wheels when required. The paddle-shift automatic enhances the sportiness, with 0-62mph in just 6.0 seconds.

G37x GT Premium
Luxury, capability and technology all come together in the GT Premium. Based on the G37x with its powerful V6, 7-speed automatic and intelligent all-wheel drive, the G Saloon technology flagship adds features such as Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC), Connectiviti+ HDD satnav, 30 GB Music Box, Bose® 10-speaker sound system, reversing camera and a sunroof.

G37 S Premium
The most sportingly well resolved member of the G Saloon family, the S Premium makes the most of its balanced FM (front-midship) platform with a combination of rear-wheel drive, 4-Wheel Active Steer, Viscous Limited Slip Differential, sports suspension and enhanced braking. The V6 automatic also lacks for little in the equipment stakes, with its leather covered sports seats and roll call of high technology – Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC), Connectiviti+ HDD satnav, 30 GB Music Box and Bose® sound system, among others – from the GT Premium.

There are now three models in the range, all automatic, all rear-wheel drive.

G37 GT Coupé
New body colours and a dynamic new design of alloy wheel mark out the 2011 Coupé which in any form has the exhilarating V6 performance to go with its athletic looks. As well as the Malbec Black paint option from the Saloon, all Coupé versions are optionally available with Lapis Blue paint. Both have been designed to set off the new 18-inch wheel design of the GT to perfection. And both new colours are Scratch Shield which makes fine marks disappear, helping to keep the bodywork pristine for years to come. Options include the Multimedia system (satnav, Bose, reversing camera, HDD Music Box) at £2400.

G37 S Coupé
With its 2011-spec standard rear spoiler, Infiniti’s latest design of 19-inch alloy wheel plus all the ingredients that S stands for – including 4-Wheel Active Steer, Viscous Limited Slip Differential, sports suspension and enhanced braking – the 2011 S comes with strong driver focus as standard.

G37 S Premium Coupé
The flagship Coupé blends sporting appeal and standard-fit technology like few rivals. It gets all the handling enhancements from the S model plus the innovative and user-friendly Connectiviti+ multimedia package comprising HDD satnav with 3D graphics, voice command and, uniquely, access to Michelin Guide information, along with 30 GB Music Box and Bose® sound system. Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) is also fitted.

G37 GT Premium Convertible
With the top Premium specification and automatic transmission proving by far the most popular combination for European Convertible buyers, Infiniti has cut the 2011 range down to just one lavishly equipped model. The 155mph four-seat convertible, with an electric folding hard-top that takes the car from beautiful coupé to beautiful cabrio in just 25 seconds, benefits from the new 19-inch wheel design along with the optional new body colours. As before, standard equipment is both very complete and wide-ranging, including climate-controlled front seats, Bose® 13-speaker sound system with personal head-rest speakers, Connectiviti+ satnav, 300-CD capacity HDD Music Box and Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC). Remaining unique to this model is the option (at (at £890) of Monaco red leather upholstery and red-stained Maple Wood interior trim.

Gs in general

  • All G models are imbued with strong driver appeal thanks to highly resolved rear-wheel drive handling, the natural poise of Infiniti’s FM (front-midship) platform and the thrilling howl of one of the great V6 engines.
  • All are fitted with Infiniti’s high-revving 315bhp 3.7-litre petrol V6 with VVEL variable valve system for high performance with maximum efficiency.
  • All are 155mph cars (149mph for all-wheel drive versions) with most able to accelerate from standstill to 62mph in six seconds or less.
  • All seat four people, have boots ranging from 275 to 450 litres and feature safety equipment that includes a pedestrian-friendly pop-up bonnet.
  • Every G comes not just with an exceptional tally of standard features but a Total Ownership Experience of unsurpassed customer service.

The new G range arrives in Infiniti Centres across Europe from February (depending on country).