Renault Twizy, the zero emission solution to urban mobility


Presented in its final production form at last year’s Paris Motor Show, Renault Twizy returns to centre
stage at the 2011 Geneva Show. Twizy is the perfect example of Renault’s brand signature, “Drive the change”. With Twizy, Renault has invented an entirely new way of getting around town: 100 percent electric, it is high on style, novel in its format and perfect for safe and secure in-town travel.

As announced at last year’s Paris Motor Show, Twizy will go on sale at the end of 2011 at prices comparable with those of a three-wheeled scooter. The Twizy range will begin at €6,900 inclusive of taxes and, depending on the fiscal measures available in each country, may qualify for incentives making it even less expensive than a threewheeled scooter.

Like Fluence Z.E. and Kangoo Z.E. buyers, Twizy customers will lease the battery. The monthly subscription is €45 inclusive of taxes for an annual distance travelled of 7,500km, a figure which covers the vast majority of ordinary motorists’ requirements. Twizy’s running costs – insurance, maintenance and energy (battery lease and electricity for recharging) – are just as modest, working out at 15 percent lower than those of a three-wheeled scooter.

Tests conducted in Paris reveal that the driver of a Twizy will save an average of 25 percent on journey times in town. This translates into a saving of more than seven minutes on a journey that would normally take 30 minutes in a Smart-sized micro city car. Indeed, Twizy gets around town safely and more rapidly. This is thanks to its novel proportions and ultra-compact dimensions which facilitate parking:

  • With an overall length similar to that of a motorcycle, Twizy is easier to park than a micro city car. In some countries, including France, Twizy can be parked at right angles to the kerb.
  • A turning circle of 3.4 metres guarantees great agility and easy parking. For example, even the best micro city car needs a full metre more road width than the Twizy to perform a U-turn.
  • Twizy is an average 30cm narrower than the typical micro city car, which means it has a smaller footprint. The driver and passenger travel in complete safety:
  • Twizy’s bodywork is a safety cell which encloses both the driver and the passenger. In the event of a frontal impact, the deformable structure absorbs the energy of the crash to protect the occupants.
  • Twizy is fitted with an airbag for the driver, four-point seatbelt for the front seat and a three-point seatbelt at the rear.
  • Disc brakes all-round ensure powerful, fade-free braking performance.
  • Twizy has a coded immobiliser and a steering column lock.

Accessories for the Twizy lifestyle:

  • A flexible all-purpose bag holding 50 litres to supplement Twizy’s 63.3 litres of built-in storage. Carried on the passenger seat’s base, it quickly turns into a backpack or holdall thanks to three convenient handles. It is secured in the vehicle by the passenger seatbelt and tethers to the vehicle structure. The wide opening at the top makes it easy to put in large items such as supermarket shopping bags.
  • Extra protection against bad weather and the cold to supplement that already provided by the deflector panels. As on a scooter, this apron fully encloses the driver’s legs, from the ankles to the waist. This protection extends to the rear passenger, too, as the apron also covers his or her legs. The apron is held in place by eight fixing points, ensuring a good seal; it is easily stowed in a soft pouch alongside the driver’s seat.
  • An additional accessory is a Parrot audio system to allow the driver to listen to music and make telephone calls safely. The system includes: An automatic Bluetooth connection to the driver’s Smartphone, enabling him or her to stay in touch with friends and colleagues. A USB connector, a jack socket and an Apple connector, enabling any portable music player to connect to the vehicle.
  • Rear parking sensors incorporated into the rear bumper make parking manoeuvres easier still in Twizy.

Twizy is compatible with all types of battery-charging points. A full charge of Twizy’s batteries takes 3½ hours using a domestic supply via the cable stowed behind a flap at the front of the vehicle. Different adaptors will be made available to connect Twizy to all types of public and private charging points.

Twizy’s range on the standardised urban cycle is 100km. In everyday use, this range can vary from 55km
to 115km, depending on the driving conditions encountered. The principal factors influencing actual range
are driving style (eco-driving, normal driving or sporty driving), and whether the traffic is heavy or free
flowing. Range-related displays enable drivers to get maximum range from their Twizy:

  • A display showing the battery’s level of charge.
  • A digital “econometer” displaying instantaneous energy consumption and showing when regenerative braking is activated.
  • An onboard computer displaying the remaining range in kilometres.

Source: Renault (press release/media site)