Luxgen7 SUV Sports+ and MPV Elegance+ introduced durin 2011 Taipei Automobile & Accessories Exhibition


The 2011 Taipei Automobile & Accessories Exhibition was successfully held, and the independent Taiwanese brand, LUXGEN, with its strong capabilities in development and design, introduced its special editions LUXGEN7 SUV Sports+ and LUXGEN MPV Elegance+ during the event and attracted high attention from the attendants.

To offer models with high functional features which are different with the existing models in the market, LUXGEN7 SUV Sports+ applies the black/red two-tone paintwork to enlarge the aura of sporty. The carbon fiber body garnish radiates with the blacken headlight and the blacken wing-shaped tail lamps, and together with the 20-inch sporty alloy wheels as well as the sporty quad exhaust outlets, the LUXGEN7 SUV Sports+ is no doubt a remarkably stunning model attracts spotlights. The interior design also largely applies the sporty features, including the black/red two-tone suede seats, the suede steering wheel, the carbon fiber center console trim, and the aluminum sporty paddles, all further elaborate the sporty features into full play.

The world’s first intelligent vehicle, LUXGEN7 MPV, is innovatively evolved into the exquisite LUXGEN7 MPV Elegance+. The interior of MPV Elegance+ is designed with top-end luxury enjoyments, such as the classic diamond quilted two-tone suede seats, brown leather steering wheel, and classic walnut wood trim. The appearance of LUXGEN7 MPV Elegance+ is even highlighted with the 20-inch elegant alloy wheels and attracts great admiration from car fans.

Aside from the introduction of the outstanding special editions recently, LUXGEN is invited to be included in a special program of Discovery as a leading pioneer of electric automobile technology, and LUXGEN is again being recognized on the international scales as an independent Taiwanese brand. Since its first international debut at 10th Dubai International Motor show, the following participation in Vietnam Auto & Petrol 2010, and Auto Feria Popular 2010 in Dominican Republic, LUXGEN had reached a new milestone for Taiwan’s automobile industries. And moreover, LUXGEN is creating a new future for Taiwan’s automobile industries, as Mr. K C Hu, CEO of LUXGEN, commended “We are confident that LUXGEN will create the new era on both domestic marketing and international expansion in 2011.”

With the strong LUXGEN7 MPV and LUXGEN7 SUV as the main marketing and sales force, LUXGEN is estimated to reach an outstanding sales performance during the turn of 2010 and 2011 to benefit from the time when customers tend to change their cars, the economic recovery, and during the period of 2011 Taipei Automobile & Accessories Exhibition.

Source: Luxgen (press release/media site)