BBR Cosworth Mazda MX5


Renowned Mazda MX5 tuner BBR has joined forces with Cosworth Engineering, the premier motorsport engineering company in the UK, to deliver an exciting performance upgrade package for the latest 2.0-litre, 158 bhp Mk3 Mazda MX5.

The BBR-Cosworth collaboration unleashes a supercharger conversion for the Mk3, 2.0-litre MX5 that centres around a state of the art 4th generation Eaton MP62 supercharger. A compact, reliable, quiet design that’s well proven in original equipment fitments across the world, the Eaton supercharger is mated to a Cosworth designed cast integral inlet manifold, which is optimised for both performance and fuel economy.

BBR–Cosworth Mazda MX5 MK3 supercharger specification

Cosworth Inlet manifold housing
Eaton 4th generation MP62 Supercharger
Intercooler (Air to water)
High flow calibrated injectors
High flow air box, with high flow air filter
Competition high grade hoses and fixings throughout
BBR Auxiliary Interceptor 2010 engine control unit (ECU) with 3-D mapping and MAP sensor
BBR-Cosworth identification badges

The BBR-Cosworth supercharger upgrade power increases the power output on the Mk3 Mazda MX5 2.0-litre model to a dyno proven 235 bhp at 7130 rpm, with a healthy 190 lb.ft of torque available at 5260 rpm. Crucially the progressive nature of the power delivery means that the delicate dynamic balance of the MX5 isn’t upset, yet naturally with a power gain of 77 bhp and a torque increase of 51 lb.ft performance is
transformed for the better.

The MX5 BBRCosworth super charger system, which is exclusive to BBR, is now available to for installation at BBR’s Brackley, Northamptonshire fitting centre, located 6 miles south of the world famous Silverstone Grand Prix racing circuit.

The fitted price for the BBR-Cosworth Mazda MX5 Mk3 supercharger upgrade is £4995.00. BBR will also be supplying BBR-Cosworth kits for DIY fitting, complete with all options and full installation instructions.

Source: BBR/Cosworth (press release/media site)