HS Motorsport Audi A1 1.4 TSI


In cooperation with Autohaus Kempen (Meckenheim) and other partners, HS Motorsport has built a spectacular project car based on the highly popular Audi A1.

What attracts the eye, first and foremost, is the effect-rich silver finish of the classy small car. The masterfully executed work of the CFC Styling Station in Neuss has ensured an avant garde optical effect. HS Motorsport has given the rear of the vehicle a modified bumper, which appropriately houses the R32-look tailpipes developed and manufactured especially for this project by Fox Sport Exhaust Systems. The classy tailpipes are complemented by a full-throated sporty rumble – almost cocky for a vehicle of this class.

Go-Kart with glamourous wheels
The running gear, from the house of H&R, is also a new development. The team from Lennestädt have made a coilover suspension system for the small Ingolstadt manufacturer’s project vehicle, lowered to 55 mm at the front and 60 mm at the back. This upgrade gives the already snappy A1 a genuine go-kart feeling!

In terms of wheels, HS Motorsport offers plenty of choice – in fact, purchasers are spoilt for choice. Because: Both the classic ASA GT1 rims in black silk matte with a silver accent ring and the edgier ASA GT2 alloy wheels with their seven double spokes (available in either black silk matte or anthracite shine front-polished) appear to be made for the polished Audi. The 8.5 x 18 inch rim sizes remain the same. The 215/35R18 tyre configuration comes from Vredestein (Ultrac Sessanta) or Hankook (Ventus V12 evo).

Sit more comfortably
HS Motorsport has placed two Recaro Sportster CS lightweight bucket seats inside the A1, in carbon and original A1 upholstery, from Recaro Sportline Center Germany. The seat consoles have been manufactured especially for the A1 project by Weinkarth.

HS Motorsport have left the engine capacity of the concept car untouched at 122 hp. The Bavarians do offer increased performance for the Audi A1 1.4 TSI, however. The installation of an additional module generates 25 additional hp, and 50 additional Nm, making a total of 147 hp and 250 Nm available. Also available as an option is an Alpine sound system with navigation unit. In addition, a snappy Brembo braking system is also being developed for the front end of the Audi A1.

Source: HS Motorsport (press release/media site)