Bigger wheels for the VW Amarok


Delta4x4 rises to the challenge! The latest pickup to make its debut from a major car manufacturer is the VW Amarok. The Amarok made at VW Argentinean production plant is an understated, sensible pickup. Delta4x4 saw in the Amarok an opportunity too good to resist transforming this practical pickup into a rugged off roader capable of mixing it with the best. The delta4x4 treatment packet starts with the wheels and the chassis.

Delta4x4 starts with equipping the VW workhorse with size 33×11.5R18 or 275/70-18 tires and a raising the Amarok by 40mm. In doing so the VW Amarok acquires an authentic off road appearance, more ground clearance and a better sloping angel. The combination of added height and beefy tires suits the Amarok perfectly not only visually but also technically.

The wheel packet of delta4x4 Sins rims and the prize winning Mickey Thompson 275/70R18 All Terrain and Mud Terrain tire along with the delta4x4 40mm lift kit increases the vehicle height by 90mm.

Source: Delta 4x4 (press release/media site)