Chevrolet’s new mini Sparks creativity


Four Art Sparks were displayed during the Chevrolet Fashion Catwalk event in Paris proving that it’s not just fashion designers that can transform models. Drawing from diverse sources of inspiration – from wildlife and mythical creatures to the California surf culture of the 1950’s – the Art Sparks build on the edgy appearance of Chevrolet’s new city car.

A Spark of fashion: the ultimate accessory
True to the Berlin fashion designer’s hallmark style, Mischa Woeste of Smeilinener created a wildly colorful and whimsical Spark both outside and in. On the exterior, Woeste took cues from her Spring/Summer 2010 collection and went natural – adorning the bodywork with a flamingo, dragons, fish and butterflies. The roof features African tribal motives and climbing foliage in bright colors and neon hues.

Nothing quite prepares viewers for the interior, however, which creates a literal cocoon of color and texture. A sea of orange denim encases the interior, with openings for the heads of all five passengers and the steering wheel. Each opening is decorated with hand-stitched embroidered elements, fabrics and prints from Woeste’s collection – meaning that whoever gets into the car will be wearing Smeilinener.

Spark DJ: the world’s biggest record player on wheels
The Chevrolet Spark DJ car is an upturned modified car with wheels that serve as turntables – in effect creating the world’s biggest record player on wheels and the most mobile of mobile discos. Developed by a team of British engineers, the car can be transformed from legally roadworthy to party-starting in under 20 minutes. Once the car is converted into a formidable DJ deck – measuring 3.6 meters long and 1.6 meters high – the car motor powers two vinyl turntables, a CD deck and a mixer. The Chevrolet Spark DJ car has already taken center stage, with indie band The Mystery Jets, at numerous gigs across the U.K.

WTCC leading Spark: Young Creative Chevrolet winner electrifies race
From contest entry to fully realized, the stunning WTCC leading Spark premiered at this year’s World Touring Car Championship race in Brands Hatch, U.K. The car designer, José Rocha, was the winner of the 2010 Young Creative Chevrolet competition in the visual arts discipline. The 30-year-old applied arts student from Portugal had been briefed to redesign the exterior of the Chevrolet Spark leading car and demonstrate the Spark’s edgy, urban spirit. Based on the reactions of the crowd, Rocha’s “Let the Sparks come out” design did just that.

The Spark Woody Wagon: a tribute to California surfing
The Spark Woody Wagon was created to celebrate the Chevrolet brand’s American heritage and long-standing connection to youth and pop culture. The Spark Woody Wagon harkens back to the dawn of the surf movement in the U.S., in the late 1950’s and early 60’s, when surfers bought “Woody Wagons” – large station wagons (estates) that were based on mainstream models but made with timber framed bodywork. Cheap and spacious enough for boards and equipment, “Woodies” became part of American pop culture, immortalized by the Beach Boys and Jan and Dean. Even after carmakers stopped manufacturing wooden frames, many – including Chevrolet – used Di-Noc wood-grained vinyl paneling to keep the spirit of the Woody alive. The Spark Woody Wagon is a playful nod to the past and a cheeky reminder that the Spark’s natural urban environment is a long way from the waves of Californ-I-A.

More about Spark Woody Wagon here.

Source: Chevrolet (press release/media site)