Eye catcher: Porsche 997 GT3 with Barracuda Tzunamee!


If there is one sports automobile which has left an impression on entire generations of men, then it is certainly the Porsche 911. Be it air- or water-cooled, Carrera 2, 4, Turbo or GT3, the 911 is an icon among roadsters and represents an important part of German automotive history. Practically every man dreams of having driven a 911 at least once in his lifetime!

The innovative rim creator Barracuda has now mounted their revolutionary tuner wheel under the name “Tzanamee” as a 20-inch model on the Porsche 997 GT3. The five glossy silver, double-spokes run out, thereby showing a high level of momentum even at a standstill. The “Tzunamee” wheel also masterfully implements the GT3’s classic-modern contour.

On the Porsche 997 GT3, the Barracuda “Tzunamee” wheel spins on the front axle at 9×20 inches and at 11×20 inches on the drive axle. The 5×130 bolt circle makes it possible to mount this exclusive rim on all 911 models in the 996 and 997 series. It can be registered trouble-free thanks to a valid TÜV certificate.

In addition to the “matt black/polished” version shown here, Barracuda also offer the “Tzunamee” wheel in the colour variations of “high gloss black”, “real chrome” and “polished white”. The sizes for the “Tzunamee” programme begin at 7.5×17 and range to 10×20 inches.

Source: Barracuda (press release/media site)