Mazda releases revised AZ-Wagon in Japan


Upgrades include the addition of a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with an auxiliary gearbox to improve the fuel economy of the Custom Style XS and the XS Special (with CVT) grades by 0.5 kilometers per liter. Additionally, the turbocharged front-wheel-drive (FWD) model grade now qualifies for Japan’s eco-car tax reduction program, joining the naturally aspirated AZ-Wagon models which already qualify.

A newly added eco drive indicator supports eco-friendly driving by notifying the driver when the car is running in a fuel efficient manner. The indicator is fitted to all CVT and four-speed automatic transmission (4AT) model grades.

Main features of the revised AZ-Wagon

  • The Custom Style XS and XS Special (with CVT) feature a CVT with an auxiliary gearbox that has a low/high two-stage gear set. This improves power at low speeds and increases fuel economy at high speeds. (FWD models: 23.0km/L to 23.5km/L. 4WD models: 22.0km/L to 22.5km/L*)
  • CVT and 4AT model grades have an eco drive indicator which supports eco-friendly driving. By monitoring factors such as real-time fuel usage and force acting on the accelerator pedal, a light on the dashboard illuminates when the car is running in a fuel efficient manner.
  • The XG grade is available with a new exterior body color, Aqua Veil Blue Pearl Metallic.
  • Newly designed seat and door trim. The XG and XS special have a calming design in navy blue, and the Custom Style series features higher quality fabrics.
  • The Custom Style XT has 15-inch aluminum wheels and an audio-less specification that allows customers to select their desired audio system.

Improved tax reductions under Japan’s eco-car tax reduction program

  • The FWD Custom Style XT (with turbocharger) now qualifies for a 50 percent tax reduction.
  • The XS Special and Custom Style XS four-wheel-drive (4WD) grades have improved from a 50 percent reduction to a 75 percent tax reduction.

Source: Mazda (press release/media site)