‘Sensory Design’ in Audi


The emotional experience of driving has a prominent role at Audi. The development departments therefore also focus intensively on sensory experiences. The Nose Team uses its perfect sense of smell to track down new scents; the Haptics Team closes its eyes and runs its fingers over surfaces and materials to get a sense of their quality. For the acoustics specialists, it’s all in the sound; the lighting technicians make sure that you always have a clear view of things.

They stick their noses into everything that concerns them – that’s just part of their job. The Audi olfactory team, known in-house as the “Nose Team”, is on the trail of disagreeable odors in vehicles and ensures a consistently pleasant olfactory experience in the cars.

Pressing, feeling, pulling, sliding, turning and touching. These are the focus of an entire team at Audi. After all, quality is in the details. The “Team for Operating Haptics” is known for simplicity’s sake as the Haptics Team.

It’s all in the sound – this is especially true for cars from Audi. So-called “sound design” has become one more important component in vehicle development at the Ingolstadt-based carmaker. You could call it the brand’s acoustic calling card. How an Audi should sound depends on the individual model and on customer expectations.

All Audi models are easy to identify both by day and by night with their LED daytime running lights – with completely unique lighting properties. The sweeping light strip on the Audi A1 exudes determination, and that of the new Audi A8 radiates elegance and dominance.

Source: Audi (press release/media site)