Starting without an ignition key – KESSY now also available for Golf, Scirocco and Tiguan


Volkswagen’s automatic locking and starting system, “Keyless Entry Start and Exit System (KESSY)”, may now also be ordered for the A segment. It offers the driver the highest level of convenience as the transmitter must be carried but not necessarily held in the hand. Volkswagen Golf, Scirocco or Tiguan customers can now order KESSY for an additional charge for 355 euros.

If a vehicle is equipped with “KESSY”, it can be opened via radio remote control and the engine may be started by pressing a button installed to the right of the steering wheel. The details: as soon as a driver enters a radius of approximately 1.50 metres around the vehicle, the transmitter is identified by the proximity sensors in the door handles and by a radio impulse sensor in the key housing. Touching the door handles or the logo on the boot lid automatically unlocks the vehicle. The release of the steering lock and the ignition of the engine, both necessary before the start of the journey, can be carried out using pure electronics and without a key in the ignition lock. The engine can be started by pressing the starter button. After leaving the vehicle, the driver can lock the vehicle by simply pressing the small lock button located on the exterior door handles.

The KESSY system was originally developed for the Phaeton and emphasises the Volkswagen strategy of making luxury-class top innovations accessible to the smaller vehicle segments and, therefore, all customers.

Source: Volkswagen (press release/media site)