Hybrid Radio: the car radio of tomorrow


Volkswagen has joined forces with radio station Hit-Radio Antenne Niedersachsen to develop the radio of the future: the Hybrid Radio. The listener can use the system according to his or her individual needs and decide on how and when he or she listens to the radio.

“The Hybrid Radio is bound to be a success, as it fulfils the listener demands of tomorrow by combining the classic car radio with the internet”, said Martin Weiser, Head of Driver Information Systems at Volkswagen. As the car is one of the most important locations for listening to the radio, this concept is particularly significant for Volkswagen as an automobile manufacturer, added Weiser.

Via an internet interface, the user starts by creating a personalised playlist which can range from local news through to diverse musical specials. The selections can then be chosen from the playlist in the car.

The project will pick up speed as early as 2011, when the first field tests will be carried out in the Lower Saxony area. In these efforts, special emphasis will be placed on simple user-friendly navigation of the playlist, which is sent to the car via mobile internet: one will be able to listen to a desired selection with just one push of a button.

Source: Volkswagen (press release/media site)